Though individuals cannot join the Network as Members, we know there are many people who play important roles in our movement who are not strictly part of any one member organisation. We think it is important, therefore, for individuals to be able to engage with the network.

So, people who agree with our vision and want to participate in the network can join as Non-Member Observers. While you cannot participate in any CAN decision-making, you can gain access to our New Zealand and global email lists, working groups and resources. All you have to do is fill out the non-membership form and agree to CAN's confidentiality waiver.

As with regular membership applications, once we have received your application, our coordinator will email it to all the existing New Zealand CAN members and give them 72 hours to raise any questions or objections. If necessary, we will also contact your referees, although we have a discretion to waive that requirement. Finally, in exceptional circumstances, our coordinator has the discretion to decline applications even where no member objects if she or he thinks that is necessary to preserve CAN's integrity.

If no member objects, once those 72 hours are complete, we will then formally welcome you as a Non-Member Observer. 

If you are work or actively volunteer for a New Zealand CAN Member, you can get access to our email lists and other resources through your organisation. Please speak to your colleagues about being added, or contact us directly if you don't know who in your organisation to speak to.