We believe Aotearoa can chart a just course to a zero carbon future, powered by 100% renewable energy. We are a growing network of 22 New Zealand civil society groups, non-governmental organisations and social movements who support each other and our allies to take real action to protect New Zealanders and others from climate change, to protect New Zealand's unique environment, and build a more fair, just and safe New Zealand for us all. 

New Zealand CAN is a diverse, leaderless network designed to support our member organisations. We are not a campaign or organisation, but a network designed to link people and organisations who share our vision of a safe, just climate future. We provide a space for New Zealand's climate movement to communicate, collaborate and cooperate.

Our members include environmental organisations, human rights campaigners, sustainability think tanks, youth movements, and trade unions.

We provide a space for ongoing communication between members, as well as convening working groups and/or meetings for particular sectors or issue areas.





350 Aotearoa

350 Aotearoa is the New Zealand arm of the international climate movement 350.org, which aims to unite the world around climate change solutions. Our mission is to inspire climate action in communities across New Zealand.

350 Aotearoa launched with the goal to inspire and engage individuals, communities, businesses and governments around climate change action and solutions. We run campaigns, provide education, inspiration, practical tools, creative ideas, and leadership to challenge our cultural acceptance of fossil fuels, and to get New Zealand and the rest of the world back on track to 350ppm and, consequentially, climate safety.


ActionStation is a progressive multi-issue online campaign organisation that is a part of OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network). We work on a number of issues that fall generally into the themes of a fair society, a healthy environment and accountable politics.

Amnesty International NZ

Amnesty International is a global movement of individuals who protect and defend human rights. We campaign for justice wherever it has been denied and protect people, defending their right to freedom, truth and dignity.

They do this by investigating and exposing abuses, mobilising our movement of over 7 million supporters from 150 countries worldwide to take action. They send experts to investigate and report wherever human rights abuses occur, working with thousands of international media outlets to expose the guilty and call them to justice.

They support advocates and activists defending human rights in their own countries. They put pressure on offending governments, groups and individuals to ensure they uphold, create or change laws to protect human rights. They educate present and future generations, so that one day, the dream of human rights for all can become a reality.

Amnesty International is impartial and does not accept any money from governments or political parties. This allows them to maintain full independence from any governments, political ideologies, economic interests or religions.

Aotearoa New Zealand Human Rights Lawyers Association

The Association is a non-partisan independent group dedicated to the study and advancement of human rights in New Zealand and abroad. To this end, we:

  • engage in educational projects (included, but not limited to, Continued Legal Education courses)
  • provide amicus briefs
  • assist in legal analysis and in the drafting of reports on human rights issues by other organisations
  • draft submissions to highlight the human rights aspects of proposed legislative changes
  • undertake shadow reporting for international organisations

We are a charitable incorporated society governed by an Advisory Council and Executive Board.

Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute

Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute

The Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute is training and inspiring a new generation of New Zealand leaders by giving them the opportunity to attend the world’s most significant international conferences.


Climate Defence Network

Climate Defence Network (CDN) is a network of organisations and individuals concerned about the need to prevent destabilising climate change. It includes: ECO, the Environmental Defence Society, Forest & Bird, Federated Mountain Clubs, Friends of the Earth NZ, Greenpeace NZ, Pacific Institute of Resource Management, Cycling Advocates Network, Public Health Association, Ecoaction, Alternative Technology and Lifestyle Association, Nelson Environment Centre, Engineers for Social Responsibility, the Sustainable Energy Forum and WWF NZ. 

Coal Action Network Aotearoa (CANA)

CANA is a national organisation working to phase out coal mining and coal usage in Aotearoa New Zealand by 2027, initially by opposing new and expanded coal mines. We do this because we recognise the mining and burning of coal as the biggest threat to the world's climate system. We want to be part of a just transition to a coal-free Aotearoa New Zealand.


ECO was founded in 1971 as CoEnCo to meet the needs of the conservation community. We became ECO in 1976. We are a non-profit network of 50+ organisations with a concern for conservation and the environment.

Our membership includes large international groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, national groups including National Council of Women, as well as small local groups such as Kapiti Environmental Action and Save the Otago Peninsula, and issue oriented groups like the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust.

ECO has been centrally involved in campaigns to protect native forests, lakes and rivers, the reform of the Mining Act and defeat of the National Development Act, and in supporting the Resource Management Act and the establishment of the Department of Conservation and Ministry for the Environment. ECO continues to be at the forefront of environmental campaigns on fisheries, transport and environmental management.

Edmund Rice Network NZ

The Edmund Rice Network (ERN NZ) is a collective identify to a number of organisations. In New Zealand the ERN is made up of five secondary schools, one charitable trust and two incorporated societies that also have charitable status. The national ERN support office is sponsored by 'The Trustees of the Christian Brothers' a Catholic religious order of men that felt primarily called to liberate/empower young people through education that also has a strong social conscience and provides a call to action.

Our vision/mission is to 'live in solidarity with the whole earth community, walking with those whom society has marginalised, particularly young people, proclaim liberation and justice for all creation.'


  • Presence - Alive to the wonder of all creation opening to intimacy with the Mystery of God
  • Compassion - Opening our hearts to and standing solidarity with the suffering world
  • Liberation - Freeing and enlivening a world groaning under the weight of injustice

Forest and Bird

Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s largest independent conservation organisation that works to preserve our natural heritage and native species.

Originally formed to protect our native forests and birds, Forest & Bird's role has since grown to include protection of all native species and wild places, – on land and in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

Forest & Bird gives nature a voice, speaking for all our threatened species and fragile places - from endangered Maui’s dolphins to high-country tussock-lands.

Generation Zero

Generation Zero's vision is to see New Zealand leading the way to a zero carbon future. Our mission is to mobilise youth to take political action for climate change solutions.

Greenpeace NZ

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, established in December 2001, to promote and defend human rights through research based education and advocacy. We have made submissions on new laws with human rights implications. We also monitor compliance and implementation of New Zealand’s international obligations in accordance with the requirements of the international conventions New Zealand has signed, and have prepared shadow reports for relevant United Nations treaty bodies to be considered alongside official reports. Though the primary focus of the Foundation is on human rights in New Zealand, we recognise the universality of human rights and have an interest in human rights in the Pacific and beyond.

New Zealand Youth Delegation

The New Zealand Youth Delegation is are a voice of the NZ youth climate movement at the UN climate change negotiations. We represent the call of a generation working to create a just, safe and liveable world for all.

The New Zealand Youth Delegation Incorporated is an incorporated society. We are proudly non-partisan, though not always apolitical. We receive no Government funding and are independent from all political parties. We work with partners in New Zealand’s non-governmental sector, but aren’t part of any other organisation.

The society is run by a volunteer Steering Committee made up of former New Zealand Youth Delegation delegates. All former delegates may become members of the New Zealand Youth Delegation Incorporated and vote at each year’s Annual General Meeting to select the Steering Committee.

Ngā Tirairaka o Ngāti Hine

Ngā Tirairaka o Ngāti Hine is the mandated environmental organisation for Ngāti Hine and carries out work on catchment management, policy planning and lobbying government. The organisation also assists other indigenous peoples in this kind of capacity building.

It is a member of the Māori National Network, Te Hiringa, a network under the Environmental Protection Authority.

Additionally, Ngā Tirairaka o Ngāti Hine the logistical organisation for the Pacific region for the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change and the organisation's General Manager, Tui Shortland, is the focal point. Ngā Tirairaka o Ngāti Hine led a delegation of 17 indigenous delegates to COP21.

The organisation is also a member of the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity. Tui Shortland is the regional focal point on the working party for indicators and the international focal point for indigenous diplomacy.

Ora Taiao

OraTaiao: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council comprises health professionals in Aotearoa New Zealand concerned with:

  • The negative impacts of climate change on health.
  • The health gains that are possible through strong, health-centred climate action.
  • Highlighting the impacts of climate change on those who already experience disadvantage or ill-health (equity impacts).
  • Reducing the health sector's contribution to climate change.

OraTaiao is part of a worldwide movement of health professionals and health organisations urgently focusing on the health challenges of climate change and the health opportunities of climate action. The Council is a not-for-profit, politically non-partisan incorporated society.

Oxfam NZ

Oxfam is a world-wide development organisation that mobilises the power of people against poverty. Oxfam has a vision: a world without poverty where people are valued and treated equally, on a planet that has the natural resources to sustain them. We're mobilising the power of people to end poverty. This unique partnership between Oxfam, our supporters and the local organisations and communities we work with is lifting lives for good and creating a better future for us all.

P3 Foundation

P3 Foundation stands for putting poverty in the past.

P3 Foundation is are a youth-led NZ based development organisation that inspires and empowers young people to eradicate extreme poverty in the Asia Pacific.


Sustainability Council of New Zealand

The Council's purpose and objectives are to:

  • Assist the realisation of a sustainable New Zealand.
  • Protect and enhance New Zealand’s ecosystems, the health of New Zealanders, and the nation’s ability to derive income from established land uses.
  • Undertake research into issues related to the sustainable development of New Zealand for example, genetic modification.
  • Provide information to assist well-informed and effective community participation in decision-making on issues related to sustainability.

The Council is independent of any political party, company or other organisation.

Sustainable Initiatives Aotearoa

Sustainable Initiatives Aotearoa is a new organisation established to support education and community initiatives on climate change and sustainability. It is a registered charity, but so far has no staff other than the founder, Barry Coates.

Tauranga Carbon Reduction Group

The Tauranga Carbon Reduction Group is an informal grassroots group to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions for positive outcomes for our environment and community.

This group meets monthly and consists of individuals and representatives of organisations such as local councils, businesses and not for profits. 

The group is interested in progressing challenges such as climate change, shifts to new technologies such as electric transportation and engaging local leaders in supporting action for the benefit of the local community and environment.

Unite Union | Observer member

Unite union is a democratic, non-profit, voluntary movement of workers from many different sectors.

Unite is a campaigning, activist union with a community focus because whatever happens at work impacts on workers families and communities. Our mission is to lift wages, improve conditions and win respect.

Since the union was established, Unite has achieved collective agreements in all the major fast food chains, led an enormous campaign to raise the minimum wage in New Zealand on a yearly basis and ended the use of discriminatory youth rates and zero hour contracts in the fast food industry.

Unite aims to be part of a transformative union movement that will fight for and achieve economic and social justice through participatory workers struggle.

WWF New Zealand

WWF New Zealand is the local office of the WWF International Network, the world’s largest and most experienced independent conservation organisation. It has close to five million supporters and a global network active in more than 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. This is achieved by working on the ground with local communities, and in partnership with government and industry, using the best possible science to advocate change and effective conservation policy.

We invite other New Zealand non-governmental organisations who support our vision and mission to join our network.





EMAIL: newzealandcan@gmail.com

PHONE: +64 21 250 6375

Please note that New Zealand CAN does not have any paid staff. A volunteer node coordinator works to support and maintain the network.